Life Assurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection

You insure your house and your car, because you understand how difficult life would be without them.  Shouldn’t you be thinking about insuring yourself?


To advise you on your protection needs, first we assess how much you and your family would need to maintain your way of life if you couldn’t work, became critically ill, or died. Then we look at any provisions currently in place to meet these needs. We discuss what you can realistically afford and are willing to spend on filling any gaps. Finally, the best value products, exactly matching your requirements, are selected from the whole of the market.

Share Protection, Key-Person Protection & Relevant Life Assurance

As a director it is probable that a large proportion of your wealth is associated with your business. How do you plan to pass this wealth on to your beneficiaries? Are they capable of taking over your role or would they want to sell your share of the business?


Share protection insurance can ensure the results of your hard work benefit your family and that your fellow directors can continue running the company.

If you, or an influencial  member of your staff, were to die, the business could experience grave difficulties.  Investment may be withheld, deadlines missed, new developments delayed etc, etc.  Key person insurance gives the breathing space needed in this situation, with funding to fill skills gaps and to compensate for resultant losses.

Relevant life assurance, provides a valuable perk for you and your staff, which can be paid for by the business and is an allowable expense.  With all the benefits of a standard life assurance plan, it has the added advantage that the payout remains outside your estate and is therefore not considered for inheritence tax purposes.

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