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23 Mar

Is Now A Good Time To Invest?

Well, there’s one thing I can say with confidence – it’s a better time to invest now than it was a month ago! Anyone that tries to tell you they know which way the stock market will move from this point is kidding themselves. But it could be a good time to think about a […]

02 Jan

5 Reasons Not To Use An Independent Financial Adviser

1. You’ve made you own retirement plans Great if you have!  So you should know exactly when you’ll retire, how much income you’ll need and where that income will come from. 2. You’re invested in property Well, property prices are guaranteed to rise over the long term aren’t they?  Actually, no they’re not and putting […]

25 Nov

Improve your financial outlook: Step 1

Set a date for your retirement and calculate how much income you will need It’s not as difficult as it sounds and having a rough plan is preferable to having no plan. Start with your current monthly income and expenditure. If you don’t have a monthly budget plan already, you can create one at […]

26 Oct

Achieve your financial goals with minimum investment risk – Part 1

Introduction Stock market investment can offer everyone real opportunities to achieve goals that would otherwise be unobtainable.  However, it is important to understand that returns above those offered by a regular savings account involve a level of financial risk.  This article takes you step by step though an investment process to achieve a financial objective, […]

12 Sep

Active Vs Passive Investment Styles

Ask one adviser the type of funds you should invest in and they will say active. Ask another and they will say passive. Both advisers will defend their positions to the death, so as a client how do you make the choice? Well, a little knowledge is always helpful, so here goes.

15 Jul

Division of pension assets in divorce

Introduction You clearly need a solicitor to represent you in divorce proceedings, but why would you involve a financial adviser?  First, a little background Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1973, stated that a ‘clean break’ was the aim of any divorce settlement.  Pension offsetting was the preferred method of achieving a ‘clean […]

08 May
Pay Less Inheritance Tax

Legitimate Ways to Pay Less Inheritance Tax

Anyone, with an estate value that could breach the current IHT threshold of £325k per person (+ £150k if you are leaving your home to direct line descendants), should be looking at ways to pay less inheritance tax. An example scenario: Mary, who is 64, was widowed in 2015.  Her husband left £50k to each […]

15 Apr

Why on earth would you use a financial adviser?

Let’s be honest, financial advisers are not held in great esteem.  Mis-selling and opaque charging structures have quite rightly led to widespread mistrust of the financial services industry.  My own dealings with an adviser 20 years ago left me in no doubt that the advice offered was not serving my best interests.  That is why, […]